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Mice Extermination

Mice Extermination

Finding mice in vents or other areas of home is quite normal. But this matter should not even be taken lightly or ignored, if you have been noticing symptoms of mice at your home- so it’s high time to hire mice pest control professionals.

However, mice love to live in dark places such as vents. Not only this they can ruin your expensive stuff as well, that’s why mice problem should not be avoided. To get the job done correctly, it’s better to hire professionals. Pestxterminators are experts at terminating mice, and have become leading pest control service providers in industry with 5 years of experience.

Keep reading to know how to deal with mice problems and why Pestxterminators are saviors.

How to identify mice?

You must be curious how to catch the mice at your home. However, the most common weapon is mousetrap. Moreover identifying the mice with their physical features is also a task- young rats have bigger heads while adult mice have smaller ones.

Not only this, it’s common for mice to build the nest at home. House nice are the tiniest creatures in their species, with the tail length of 5.5-7.5 inches. They have gray- brown color in general. However they have white bellies and paws called deer mice. However, their tails are hardly one fifth of their body length.

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How can one entice mice?

Mice are natural nest builders, but they’ll gladly make themselves at home in a cozy home if given the chance. There are  main factors that attract mice to a house:


  • As the weather becomes cooler and winter draws near, mice seek shelter inside. Their small stature allows them to fit through the narrowest of openings.
  • Mice can’t survive without a constant supply of food. That is to say, they will establish their nest wherever there is an adequate supply of food.

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Every product we use is registered with the Ministry of Environment, ensuring maximum impact on pests & minimal damage to nature!

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Our certification from the Structural Pest Management Association of Ontario ensures that we comply with health and safety regulations.

Methods for eliminating mice

 Take use of mouse traps.


 The most effective method for dealing with a persistent mouse infestation is the usage of mouse traps. Think about it: most people underestimate how bad their mouse problem is, and all you need are some cheap wooden snap traps to get rid of them. If you think you can capture one mouse with a dozen traps, you’re probably right. Apply it generously. Plus, your chances of catching a mouse increase as you place more traps. Sticky traps and bait traps are two other options besides wooden ones. This is the best method for catching mice.

 Prevent any and all entries


 Mice are able to squeeze into the tightest of spaces, despite their little size. If you rodent-proof your home, not even a new mouse will be able to get in. Patch any holes in the foundation or walls, and be very careful at the point where the wall joins the utility pipes.

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Why should you choose Pestxterminators for your mice pest control?

 Dealing with the mice problem on your own is not a wise decision. However, you will be needing professional help- what’s better than choosing Pestxterminators for your home’s mice infestation.

 Keep reading to know why Pestxterminators stands out among other competitors.

1.Expertise and Experience:Pestxterminators is the leading pest control service provider in the industry with more than five years of experience. Not only this, we have a team of well trained professionals with extensive knowledge in addressing mice infestations.

  1. Safe Methods: It’s better to prioritize your home and family safety by using environment friendly tactics to get rid of mice problems. By hiring professional pest control service, you will get high quality and accurate mice infestation done.
  2. Thorough Removal:  Pestxterminators assures you in-depth comprehensive removal process, making sure to target mice at every phase of the process so they don’t appear again.
  3. Customer Satisfaction: We value our customer happiness and meet their requirements. At Pestxterminators, our team makes sure to put the efforts to deal with your mice infestation concerns perfectly.
  4. Prevention Strategies: To get rid of mice problem, we design proper strategies for you as per your home conditions to minimize the risk of future infestations, providing long-term solutions for a pest-free environment.

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